The Simple Way To Create A Free Blog

Keep visitors to your website interested with up to date information on your business activities. As with many of the best ideas, the online Business Blog works simply and effectively to provide a transparent journal or window into your business life.

The ability to demonstrate exactly how your services differ from others will instantly boost your customer awareness and confidence in your business profile.

Easily maintained online, you can add new posts and images to your Blogs as often as you like, keeping your website fresh and informative.

  • Harbours interest in you website and builds familiarity with your services
  • Create different Blogs for different topics or even to drive separate websites
  • Easy search facility quickly finds a post by date or even tagged words and phrases
  • Integrates perfectly with the 'Look & Feel' of your website
  • Links in with your social networking sites

Fast becoming a vital ingredient for businesses online, the Online Business Blog provides the scope you need to share and communicate with both your past and potential customers visiting your website.

Search Engine Optimised

In todays competitive online market, getting noticed is key, likewise, ensuring your web content is fully Search Engine Optimised (SEO) is paramount.

For this reason, the BizChecker Business Blog has been developed to automatically optimise each blog post as you create them, which will in turn contribute to better page ranking of your blog and any business websites they are linked from or to.