Our ethos

The BizChecker outfit is a team of highly skilled professionals with a very simple and yet staggeringly effective working ethos - Every website is seen as an opportunity to improve interaction between its visitors and its principal host, driving channels of communication, interaction and crucial feedback all under one, convenient web based service.

It's an ethos we believe in strongly as a generator of business growth, so this is considered priority with each new application we build, where the positive, snowballing results are totally irresistible to any online operation !

We like to make a real difference

The BizChecker project was originally initiated with just one application, the Availability Checker, to help businesses with site retention and increase their bookings online.

Encouraged by our success, we have been steadily expanding our repertoire over the years, in fact totally transforming the way businesses can benefit through multiple online applications within a single service.

What we've learnt in the recession

If you're in business, you've heard it said a thousand times that a recession is a "nightmare to some, but an opportunity for others" - so we won't bore you with the pretty turns and twists of such aphorisms to make a point.

We prefer to keep our feet a little closer to the ground, but it is quite timely to state what experience has taught us in over ten years of developing online applications for the professional market - that the advantages found within BizChecker are not only assisting success in an expanding market, but even more vitally helping businesses survive when customer resources are scarce and more businesses are competing for those same customers.

Advantage to all BizChecker users out there !

Did we mention we're a really nice bunch of people?!

It isn't software you get with BizChecker, it's a web based service - so you get total peace of mind knowing you're dealing with real people who constantly manage, maintain, support and expand the effectiveness of your service, while giving you full access and control of your account from any computer in the world.

We'd also like to know YOU better !

You know a few things about us, but we know nothing about you! So why not create an account, start using BizChecker and even tell us a bit about yourself if you like. Communication always makes for better business !